All The Key Steps For Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating Your Bathroom: Renovating a bathroom is a large-scale project that deserves good preparation. There are many choices regarding equipment decoration and layout and the work can be expensive. I guide you through the key steps to renovate this room in part or full.

Renovating Your Bathroom project: the right questions to ask yourself

What are the constraints of a bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom also allows you to rethink the space. The layout of this room depends on several constraints:

  • the distances to be respected between your sanitary equipment and electrical elements
  • ventilation or ventilation  points
  • the nature of the materials which must be suitable for a water feature
  • water inlet points
  • the maximum dimensions for a bathtub and shower.
Renovating Your Bathroom

Shower or bathtub?

A walk-in shower has the advantage of being accessible and safer. Moreover, since 2021 all new housing has been systematically equipped with a walk-in shower. You can also choose a less expensive and more classic shower with a shower tray above ground or integrated. Synonymous with saving time this type of layout is particularly suitable for small spaces. The shower also meets the needs of people with reduced mobility and is perfectly safe for children.

The bathtub is an alternative to consider. Although it does not help save water it allows you to take a shower thanks to the installation of a shower bar. Its installation is recommended for a large floor space. It provides optimal comfort, especially for relaxing in a bath. However, it is not always possible in a small area.

How to optimize space?

For small bathrooms in particular, choose wall shelves storage under the sink or a vanity unit, and small furniture. Also, ask yourself the question of what you need to store in the room. Get to the point. If you have to install your washing machine remember to use the top of it wisely by installing storage boxes there for example.

How to budget for your bathroom renovation

Price variations: explanations

In addition to the surface area of ​​the room, bathroom renovation work has a price that varies mainly depending on the following elements:

Renovating Your Bathroom
  • intervene or not on the plumbing
  • do or not do masonry or carpentry work (door, window)
  • the size and level of range of sanitary equipment 
  • the installation of a ventilation system
  • the need to redo the insulation
  • the need for patching
  • the tiled surface is to be redone
  • the range of flooring and wall coverings.

The cost of a bathroom renovation

Estimates for this work rise quickly and vary depending on the work to be carried out:

  • Removal of an old shower: rarely exceeds 200 $.
  • Replacing a bathtub with a new one: count on a minimum 800 $ (supplies, installation, and removal of the old one).
  • Removal of a bathtub and replacement with a walk-in shower: allow at least 2,300 $ excluding supplies.

How much does a shower cost?

The cost of a shower varies depending on the layout possibilities:

  • a simple receiver can vary between 40 and more than 1,000 $
  • the cabin varies between 100 and 2,500 $.

Added to this is the price of removal, i.e. 90 to 200$, as well as that of labor, estimated between 800$ and 3,000 $.

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What is a complete bathroom renovation?

The complete renovation consists of changing the sanitary equipment and the covering. This includes plumbing, possibly electricity, and tiling or painting. For many bathrooms, which are no more than 8 to 10 m2, the entire project costs between 2,000 and 15,000 $.

Estimated labor cost

The quote must include the cost of labor. The most important is that of the plumber apart from the demolition of the partition if necessary then the electrician.

The hourly rate of a plumber is estimated at around 55$ per hour.

If you call on a professional electrician, count on between 30 and 70 $ per hour, or even 100 $ if you live in a large city such as Paris.

However, in large bathrooms tiling can represent a considerable part of the budget.

  • Removing floor tiles: 10 to 30/m2 $.
  • Removing wall tiles: minimum 45/m2 $.

As mentioned previously, the price of installation is between 800 and 3,000 $ for a shower. Installing a bathtub alone costs between 100 and 1,000 $, while a complete replacement of the equipment requires a budget of 800 to 4,500 $.

How to redo your bathroom according to your needs and tastes?

There are some questions you can use to prioritize your bathroom remodeling project. Other aspects relate more to your tastes and the general atmosphere you want to give to your bathroom.

What type of faucet inspires you?

There are many tapware options at all price points because apart from the mixer and tap the materials designs and finishes vary. The taps are an important point: a basis for the comfort of a bathroom and its atmosphere.

Which decoration do you prefer?

There are different decoration solutions for the bathroom. For example, light-colored materials are preferred for a Zen atmosphere. Likewise, dark and woody tones are more suitable for a traditional and warm style.

Renovation work is an opportunity to change the scenery. Style is inseparable from the layout and for a successful renovation, you need to think about storage and accessories. towel rack towel dryer mirror(s) shower shelf soap dish. These details bring a feeling of a carefully finished room, especially in a small space.

What types of lighting will you choose?

Lighting can make all the difference. The key is to install several lightpoints according to everyone’s desires and needs. Install a general light point on the ceiling for example for basic actions. Choose light close to daylight for functional lighting (make-up, shaving, etc.). For a more cozy feel buy ambient lighting. candles, lampshades for low brightness, etc.

Choosing suitable floor and wall coverings for a bathroom

You have a wide choice of coverings for your bathroom:

  • tiling: star of bathroom coverings
  • the PVC wall panel and paneling: imitating various materials, can even be installed in the shower area
  • polished concrete: increasingly popular
  • wallpapers (vinyl) suitable for bathrooms
  • paint (acrylic): also a good choice for walls and can save you money, because its application remains easier than laying tiles
  • wood: it is of course possible in this room, but generally expensive, with boat deck parquet which uses exotic woods, the paneling of a wall, or wooden panels. Best in a well-ventilated or airy pond, even if these woods are water-repellent.

The covering must adapt to a water feature, otherwise treated against humidity. Choose one that is easy to clean, especially if the surfaces are large.

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The stages of a complete bathroom renovation

Work frequently occurs in the following order:

  • removal of equipment and coverings
  • electricity (and ventilation)
  • insulation
  • installation of wall floor and ceiling coverings
  • installation of equipment and plumbing
  • furnishings.

How to choose craftsmen for your work?

The complete renovation of a bathroom is generally managed by a single contact who organizes the work of different professionals.

For a partial renovation, you can orchestrate several parties yourself. Take into account that some craftsmen are competent to carry out additional tasks. For example, many plumbers excel at laying tiles.

There are also renovation companies with several trades such as plasterer plasterers masons, carpenters, etc. who provide advice and work. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes for your work. A quote remains non-binding and free. 

Comparing several allows you to find the price that suits your budget. For your research, I allow

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