How to choose the right craftsman for bathroom renovation?

Why not redo your bathroom? Over the years, the equipment wears out and the decor goes out of fashion. Perhaps it is time to carry out some refreshment work or even consider a more complete renovation?

Whether it concerns sanitary facilities walls flooring lighting or others it is essential to carefully select your craftsman to ensure a quality installation.

Which professionals should you contact for your work? How to make your choice? At what price? I support you in renovating your bathroom with a trusted craftsman adapted to your needs and your budget.

How to choose the right craftsman for bathroom renovation

Why call a professional for a bathroom renovation?

There are many reasons to want to renovate a bathroom. With the many skills needed to renovate this room, being a simple DIYer isn’t enough. It is strongly recommended to use experts in their field to support you.

The know-how of a specialist

Depending on the complexity of your project, the skills of a craftsman or a specialized company make it possible to envisage the renovation of your bathroom in optimal conditions. 

The specialist can offer you various solutions on the choice of sanitary equipment, but also on the materials and the aesthetic rendering of the room.

If he takes care of your entire bathroom renovation project, he will call on different trades:

  • plumbing for all sanitary works (bathtub, walk-in shower sink basin shower tray pipes, etc.)
  • cabling and electricity for the installation of lighting and power outlets
  • carpentry for the creation of walls and furniture
  • the installation of floor and wall coverings such as tiling or others

Solutions to optimize your bathroom space

Each house has its specificities. A bathroom professional knows how to optimize the space of the room to gain comfort and practicality.

Reduced construction time for good value for money

Managing your bathroom project alone means devoting a significant amount of time to it. Without adequate skills, this can be difficult. Using an interior designer or a company guarantees you optimal monitoring of the renovation of your bathroom.

He is responsible for managing the various subcontractors and monitoring their work. He calls on the plumber himself, as well as various craftsmen specializing in interior design, tiling, wall painting, and floor covering.

A secure  bathroom renovation adapted to your needs

Faced with the damage that a water leak or poor electrical connection can cause, a qualified craftsman is a guarantee of safety. 

It ensures compliance with current standards and selects materials suitable for wet rooms for greater durability. The plumbing work is carried out according to the rules of the art to ensure good water flow.

With your comfort in mind, he offers the installation of important equipment that you may have neglected to request. For example, it provides for the installation of effective VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) to limit the humidity in the room and improve air quality.

Solutions for finding a professional to renovate your bathroom

There are a large number of craftsmen capable of renovating your bathroom. It is important to do your research and compare quotes to make your decision.

With the many skills needed to renovate your bathroom, you need to select your specialist efficiently. To achieve this, various solutions are possible:

  • Internet: a web search allows you to quickly obtain a list of bathroom experts in your geographic area. A lot of information on their know-how is available on their website and review platforms.
  • word of mouth: the approval of trusted people remains one of the best proofs of the reliability of the work carried out. You thus obtain an objective opinion on the organization of the site, compliance with deadlines, and the price.
  • Major brands: they offer carefully selected professionals for bathroom renovation. However, the prices offered may be higher than average.

What is the cost of the intervention of a bathroom professional?

While the cost of bathroom renovation varies from one craftsman to another, it also depends on the complexity of your project. Modifying water pipes and walls can greatly impact the price announced in the quote.

Light renovation

As part of a light renovation, the work does not involve any significant changes. This involves reviewing the aesthetics of the bathroom and increasing the performance of the equipment. You can therefore consider replacing used sanitary facilities by making a simple connection.

  • supply and installation of a shower or bathtub: from $200 to more than $2,000
  • painting walls: a cost of 3 to 6 $/m² for anti-humidity paints with 15 to 48 $/m² for labor
  • tiling: a budget of 25 to 80 $/m² for installation depending on the surface.

Complete bathroom renovation

Conversely, a complete renovation of your bathroom involves using various craftsmen to modify the room as a whole. Between plumbing, electricity, and interior design, it calls on all trades.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, the average price including supplies and installation is as follows:

  • bathroom of 3 to 5 m²: between $2,500 and $6,000;
  • bathroom of 6 to 9 m²: between $5,000 and $10,000;
  • bathroom of more than 10 m²: between $7,000 to $16,000.

The type of equipment chosen

The level of range of sanitary equipment plays a vital role in the cost of your project. Here are some prices (excluding installation) of the main elements for the renovation of your bathroom:

Fixture TypePrice Range
b Corner BathtubFrom $200 to $3,600
Free-standing BathtubFrom $500 to $8,000
Spa BathFrom $700 to over $7,500
Shower TrayFrom $40 to $1,000
Complete ShowerFrom $100 to $2,500
Double SinkFrom $80 to $850
Towel DryerFrom $60 to over $1,500

Compare bathroom professionals and know the elements of vigilance

Whether you opt for a company that takes care of everything or several craftsmen, you must check different criteria before committing:

  • It is important to check the qualifications and labels of the plumber, carpenter, and other specialists who will be involved in the renovation of your bathroom.
  • The company must have a ten-year guarantee.
  • You must always ask for the deadline and duration of the project to best compare the different proposals.
  • The hourly rate of the craftsman selected for your bathroom renovation is essential to ensure you choose according to your budget.
  • Good contact with a company or craftsman is a concept to take into account. This can help you negotiate the price more easily.

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